Trip to Maine 2009

Maine central coast, 19–20 Aug 2009

Maine's central coast between Acadia National Park and Portland is popular with tourists for its pretty towns, plentiful fresh seafood and ocean views.

Back at the Bucksport bridge.
Old on the left, new on the right.
A section of the bridge.
Thistles near the lone bridge section.
"Black-eyed Susan"
The west tour.
Looking east.
Looking north-west.
Looking north.
Looking north-east.
Looking south.
Looking west.
The state seal is carved in granite.
The official story.
Fort Knox!
Central courtyard.
Lan is on the ball.
Spiral staircase.
View from the kitchen.
The James P. White House, Belfast.
The Museum in the Streets.
An even more imposing house.
The tourist information office.
A nice waterfront park.
The Opera House.
The Post Office.
City Hall.
Marine Park at Rockport.
A lime kiln.
Another kiln.
Andre the seal.
What to do if Andre's grandchildren arrive.
The Maine Maritime Museum.
A floating dry dock.
Look what you get for $1.4 billion.
The bridge on Route 127 to Arrowsic Island.
A mini-lighthouse.
A tower with a fog bell.
Two lighthouses mark a safe passage.
The outlines of a ship.
The Sherman Zwicker.
Boats stacked like food containers!
The Eleanor.
The >Corsair IV.
Newcastle? Australia?
A bouy out of the water at Rockland.
A lighthouse substitute.
There's a lighthouse at the end!
Pirate ship?
Just a few hundred yards away now.
The light at Rockland Harbor.
The plaque at the lighthouse.
A pretty boat entering Rockland harbor.
A lighthouse lens.
A nice collection.
Amazing mechanism to swap in spare bulb.
A popular eatery in Wiscasset.

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