Trip to Maine 2009

Portland, 20 – 22 Aug 2009

I liked Portland so much, I'd be happy to live here. I say that knowing I was there in the summer and that the winter is long. It was sad to leave and I hope we go back one day.

The Portland Observatory!
View from the tower looking west.
Looking east toward the ocean.
Looking south.
Looking south-west.
Model showing construction.
The Victorian Terrace, our hotel.
The view from our room.
Radiant heater.
The building next door.
Interesting building at the start of the walking tour.
Iron columns.
Wharf Street.
100 Commercial St
One of the oldest buildings in Portland. 1783 I think.
Missions to Seamen building.
It's hard to see the timber for all the staples!
Fancy historic hotel building.
Small building, large smokestack.
Fancy window surrounds.
Pretty building somewhere on our walk.
Entry to the building in the last photo.
City Hall.
This building caused an uproar.
Geothermal heating and cooling?
Americans, please take note.
The Lucky Catch lobster boat! (The far boat.)
A ferry to the islands.
Another bay, another pretty sailing vessel.
Captain David bringing in a trap.
Ready to push the trap back in the water.
The birds!
Gulls lunging for old bait.
The beach at Fort Williams Park.
Pleasant enough …
Looking towards Portland Head Light.
The main channel into Portland.
Portland Head Light!
The lighthouse keeper's house.
I was there too!
The mandatory view of the lighthouse.
One of the Cape Elizabeth lights.
Bright yellow lichen.
The fog horn at Cape Elizabeth south of Portland.
An igneous intrusion.
Weird chairs outside a restaurant.
As close as you can get to the Cape Elizabeth light.
Kennebunk, across the river from Kennebunkport.
Picturesque church in Kennebunkport.
Someone has a lot of money.
A most impressive house at 6 Eastern Promenade (crn Munjoy St).
The tower from the USS Maine.
These pilings don't look like much but …
The end of the line. Or the start.
Mural on an industrial building at the waterfront.
A pretty boat for tourists.
Some building on Commercial Street.
The tour guide had mentioned the building code …
This looks promising …
Non-judgment day is near.
The fog rolls in!
The park in front of our hotel.

After our first stop for fuel just outside Washington, we did 1786 miles (2875km) averaging 31.3mpg (7.51 l/100km) which is OK but our old Escort would have achieved 40mpg.

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