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This brilliant Australian satire exposes how TV current affairs really works and makes you laugh at the same time—if and only if you are paying attention as there is no canned laughter to tell you what you are supposed to laugh at. The program had to be renamed "Breaking News" in America as there is a serious current affairs program of the same name. Does "Great news! Sir Arthur is dead!" make anyone else laugh?

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The Chaser's War on Everything

Since we live in the US [2020 update: or did when I wrote this], I've not seen this on TV but the show hit the headlines with their breach of security at the APEC summit.

Their take on Fox News (owned by ex-Australian Rupert Murdock) is informative as well as entertaining and then there was the Trojan Horse!

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Home Improvement

We used to watch reruns almost daily and they are still amusing. A great family show but I couldn't get my dad interested in it.

Tim runs a cable-TV show featuring tools from his employer Binford and there is an accident on almost every episode. His able assistant Al ("We all love Al") picks up the pieces and Heidi is very decorative. Back home, Jill is the brains of the family and over the eight years that the program has run, we've seen the boys grow up. Neighbor Wilson gives thoughtful insights which Tim usually mangles.

The real Tim Allen did jail time on drugs charges just as his stand-up comedy routine was becoming popular and later revelations of this nearly derailed the TV show. Disney put up the money and was very concerned that its family-safe image would be damaged. It was worth giving this criminal a second chance.

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