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Australia trip 2005


Sydney is fantastic! Both Lan and I have family there and of course, this is where I grew up.

The first photo below used to be a low-quality panorama I made by stitching together multiple photos but now I can just give you the Google StreetView for the same location at Mrs. Macquarie's Point near the Opera House.


Adelaide is lovely but underrated. Lan has more family there than in Sydney. I'll get a shot of downtown next time.

Street sculpture in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall.

As you can see, Rundle Mall is a pedestrian plaza, not a huge building.

The lighthouse at Port Adelaide.
The lighthouse at Port Adelaide.
The trailer for the Dolphin Cruise.

It beats me how they make a profit taking passengers only on Sundays at A$2.50 each.

You get what you pay for.

We did see a dolphin or two from the boat but for A$2.50 you really can't expect much. We saw a lot more of this sort of thing—a scrap metal processing yard and a small consignment of logs to be loaded. Note the girl on the right.

The view down the waterway looking toward Gulf of St. Vincent.

There's not much to see, is there?

Nice old building at Port Adelaide.

Not sure what it is or was.

Street entertainer Rundle Mall.

Seen here juggling 8 balls, very briefly. He claimed to be one of three people in the world that could do this.

Readying unicycle.

He made a point of making sure the pointy end of the seat was facing away from him—for safety.

On the unicycle.

... while juggling 3 baseball bats while balancing a glass of water on his head.

Old "pub" at the downtown end of Port Road, Adelaide.

That Hyundai jumped into the picture just as I pressed the button. Bother. I was a passenger for this shot.

You’re probably wondering why I took this picture.

Almost every house with a garage in Australia has a garage door like this one.

Garage door up and the ceiling is not obstructed ...

so you can hang a canoe, bits of lumber or whatever from the ceiling. It occurred to me after our visit that Americans (at least Colorado residents) might favor the 3- or 4-panel door that slides up against the ceiling because the panels can be thick and therefore provide insulation against the winter cold.

Adelaide, a city of a million residents, doesn't have jetbridges at the airport to board the plane out of the weather!

However, it was a beautiful day when we arrived and a beautiful day when we left. Incidentally, boarding the plane through the rear door as well as the front made loading and unloading very quick. At Sydney the jetbridge was used for those in the front half of the cabin while those of us at the back went on to the tarmac to board through the rear. Turnaround on leaving Adelaide was an impressive 28 minutes.