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Utah trip May 2005

Lan and I took a trip to Utah over the Memorial Day weekend (end of May) 2005. We saw rocks, a lot of rocks. However, many of them were very pretty.

On the way

We camped overnight at Kanarraville not far from the north entrance which was exciting if only because it was the first time we used our tent, bought soon after our trip to South Dakota in 1996! We weren't really prepared for how cold it was at night.

Zion National Park

The crush of people has forced the Park Service to ban private vehicles and introduce buses instead which works wonderfully. At Zion, you are in the valley looking up, way up. I think it is 2000ft (600m) down from the land outside the park and much warmer. Too warm in fact; July and August must be unbearable.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is now my equal favorite National Park (with Arches. It is beautiful and unusual.

The first photo below was a panorama of “Queen's Garden looking from above.” but the Java applet required to view it no longer works and in any case, Google's StreetView has many excellent views of the canyon such as this one and you can see what a remarkable landscape it is. I can't find the exact location where my photos were taken which I later stitched together to make one large (2.1MB!) picture from which a .mov file was made.

Capitol Reef National Park

We visited this Park because it has a star rating in the AAA guide for Colorado—and because we had to drive past the front gate to get home from Bryce Canyon. While not as spectacular as the other two, it was a worthwhile diversion.