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Remembering two other genocides
Sadly, the Jews are not alone


Government Document
"Investigation of the Ukrainian Famine, 1932-33: Report to Congress [The] Commission on the Ukrainian Famine"
22 April 1998
US Government Printing Office (ISBN: 0-16-052947-6)

Book with more than one author
Robert Conquest, Dana Dalrymple, James Mace and Michael Novak
"The Man-Made Famine in the Ukraine"
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
(ISBN 0-8447-3552-3)

Book with more than one author
The Editors of the Ukrainian Weekly (yes, they could be biased)
"The Great Famine in the Ukraine: the unknown holocaust"
Svoboda Press

Internet web site
Gerald W. Scully, "Murder by the State"
National Center for Policy Analysis
September 1997

Government Document
"The History of the Armenian Genocide: Hearing before the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives."
15 May 1996
US Government Printing Office

Book with more than one author
Haim Bresheeth, Stuart Hood, Kitza Jansz "Introducing the Holocaust"
Totem Books

Internet Web Site
Author not cited. "Affirmation of the Armenian Genocide".
Published by the Armenian Assembly of America (yes, they have a bias)

General resource for Armenian genocide:
links to everywhere.

Internet Web Site
The web site for the United States Holocaust Memorial

Internet Web Site
Marilyn Henry. "Armenia asks Israel to recognize the Turkish genocide".
Origninally published in the Jerusalem Post, 22 April 1999

Internet Web Site
Author not cited. "British official's Jerusalem visit creates uproar".
March 16, 1998

Internet Web Site
Joseph Fitchett. "U.K.-Israel Tiff Puts Settlements Back in Spotlight".
Originally published in the International Herald Tribune
Undated but around time of Robin Cook's visit, March 1998

Internet web site
Author not cited (no text, just figures and standard footer)
"Pro-Israel: Long-term contribution trends"
The Center for Responsive Politics