Australia trip 2007

Australia 1 Dec 07 – 17 Dec 07

Going home for a visit.

The "coat hanger".
Where’d ya go?
The "Hume".
Patience is a virtue.
School zone—on highway!
Rest area. Keeping it simple…
Thanks for warning me.
Bring your bike!
Memorial to dead truckers.
Overall view.
HMAS Otway.
Lake Eildon but without the water
A walk in the park
Cows, looking for excitement.
Nice rural scene.
36 miles to Melbourne
The Kokoda Track Memorial Walk.
Going up some of the 1000 steps!
The view from halfway up.
Art gallery
The view along the outside wall.
Just like a picture frame.
Art. Apparently.
Base Camp!
Spencer Street Station
Lovely old building.
This way to Chloe.
…there she is!
Flinders Street Station
An imaginative font!
The Melbourne Town Hall.
Some famous church.
Melbourne’s small Chinatown.

The State Library

The magificent Reading Room.
Dome over the reading room.
How to turn right.
The aboriginal version of totem poles.
The new Eureka Tower.
The Yarra River.
Ackland St, St Kilda
Across the road
Holy Sheet!
The beach at St Kilda.
Not exactly beach weather.
Luna Park!
The Monarch cake & coffee shop.
The pitch for Kooglehoupf.
The Geelong waterfront.
A life-saving crew.
Brass band.
A Chinese Leprechaun?
A lovely boat at the marina.
Public art. I guess.
Attractive old building.
The Wool Museum.
The A$1 million wool bale.
Wool in one side…
…and carpet out the other.
A machone to make socks.
A blanket fluffer.
Random nice building in Ballarat.
4 Forrest St.
The church next door.
The boathouse.
Unfortunately …
1956 Olympic rowing.
The Olympic rowing course.
P.O.W. Memorial.
The list of names.
The sad story of Montevideo Maru.
Sovereign Hill
Panning for gold.
Rig over mine shaft.
Water pump.
Steam engine!
Water surging from below.
Simple crushing wheel.
The wheel-making shop.
An early lathe.
An early fire engine.
Fire danger indicator.
The Creswick Bowling Club.
Bowling action.
Bendigo Town Hall
Park greenhouse.
Another attractive building.
and another.
Echuca hostel.
A lovely old pub.
How things have changed!
The American Hotel
The former Post Office.
Port of Echuca.
The old Customs Office.
Timber cart.
A riverboat.
Hopwood's Ferry
The Thong Tree(?)
Riverboat parking lot
The wharf at Echuca
Another riverboat
…and another.
An ex-riverboat.
Sign near Echuca.
Bicycle race.
Aussie meat pie.
The dog on the tucker box.
Roads disguised as driveways.
Hornsby water clock.
Swiss pendulum clock plaque.
The Swiss water clock.
Swiss clock dumping water.
Chinese clock & chimes plaque.
Chinese water clock.
Chimes sound on the hour.
Greek clock plaque.
The Greek water clock
General description plaque.
Warning to other drivers…
Looking out from Middle Head.
Sailing on the harbour.
Georges Heights; 1st in panorama.
2nd in panorama
3rd in panorama
4th in panorama.
5th in panorama
Gun emplacements.
Guess who.
Opera House & Sydney skyline.
Do I have to tell you this is the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
View from Ball's Head.
Once there were oil tanks here.
Perhaps this makes it obvious.
Tree roots on Balls Head.
Amusing but well-hidden sign..
A Sabot!
My brother-in-law & nieces
The end of the race.
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