Trip to Maine 2009

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 16 Aug 2009

This trip was mainly about Maine but our first stop was in Portsmouth which was pleasant though it would have been nicer if it wasn't so hot, a problem that was to continue most of the week and was quite unexpected.

Our camera was having problems before we left but I thought I'd fixed it by cleaning the battery terminals. I hadn't and it died almost immediately so all but a half-dozen pictures were taken with my mobile phone which means the color is a bit weird sometimes and since there is no zoom, some objects of interest are still in the distance. Sorry.

Trip route.
The gardens at the waterfront.
The Sheafe warehouse.
A wall of flowers.
… and one of the people that made it so beautiful.
A "gundalow".
Nice formal garden.
I think school children were involved in this plot.

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