Old Photos – Lan

An early photo showing Lan's grandparent's family. Lan's grandmother had 18 children!.
Lan's parent's family - with 11 children! And they wonder why they were poor.
Lan at eighteen.
Lan in 1981 with two special people.
Lan with the late Jean Peacock.
Lan visiting America in 1983.
Lan became an Australian citizen, 24 September, 1984. Here she is after the ceremony with the Mayor of Ashfield.
As you probably know, the ability to wrestle crocodiles is an essential requirement of Australian citizenship. Here she is giving a demonstration in Thailand in 1991 after we had visited Vietnam.
Lan bought a soft toy for a neice and discovered it made quite a dandy necklace. This photo was taken in the back garden of Lan's townhouse after we were married.
Lan is a keen gardener but in our townhouse at Auburn in Sydney, most of the back garden was concrete so her plants were mainly in pots. Here is an iris she grew.
Lan at South Head, Sydney.
Lan looking good in a high-visibility vest.
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