This section is going to expand as I get familiar with the camera, tripod and software. Here are a few to get started.

When the panorama is loading, it may appear to get stuck at 80%. It probably isn’t. This just means that the image is loaded but decompression is not complete so be a little patient.

Your browser must be Java-enabled to view the panoramas. If it isn’t, you should get instructions on downloading the plugin from Sun. The applet viewer is open-source by Helmut Dersch.

One day I hope to do something good enough for

Grand Canyon

It is difficult to capture the scale of the Grand Canyon in a regular photograph; a panorama is better though still inadequete. Jan 2006.



Sydney looking stunning early in the morning. It had to be early or the moving boats and larger waves would make stitching the raw photos together harder. Dec 2005.

Sydney panorama!

Boulder lookout

I pass this on the way to work every weekday and this day it was looking particularly beautiful with a fresh layer of snow on the mountains. April 2005.

Boulder lookout on US36.

My office

The office I used to work in. Note the complete lack of partitions. When I came for my first interview I thought it was shocking. It reminded me too much of school. However, once you have an attitude adjustment, it works really well with easier communication and you know who’s in and who’s out. March 2005.

My office (39kb). Or more detail (169kb)

Southmoor Park, Colorado

This is the park opposite our building. In fact, ours is the strange fake Tudor construction that looks like townhouses but there are separate units upstairs and downstairs. If it were a cloudless day, you would see Mt. Evans looking west. March 2005.

Southmoor Park (55kb). Or more detail (198kb)

Grand Lake, Colorado

One the ice at Grand Lake just outside the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park at the end of December 2004. Lan’s nephew Samuel from Australia was nearby but didn't want to be in the picture. December 2004.

Grand Lake, CO (28kb). Or more detail (240kb)
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