Canada 2006

Ottawa, 7, 8 Oct 06

Ottawa Ontario is, of course, Canada’s capital city. It was added to our itinerary almost as an afterthought when I realized it was much closer to Montreal than to Toronto as I had assumed, so it made sense to do it on this trip. However, with only Saturday afternoon and Sunday to spend in the city, we were only able to see the main government buildings in the Parliament Hill district and the Museum of Civilization, Canada’s most visited museum which is actually across the river in Hull, Quebec.

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The East Block of the National Parliament.
East block looking from the lawn in front of the Center Block.
The Center Block and Peace Tower.
The clock and Canadian flag on the Tower.
Her Majesty, Queen Victoria.
The Ottawa River, looking upstream.
Looking downstream.
Parliament Hill from Majors Hill Park.
Samuel de Champlain, the "Father of New France".
Locks on the canal.
Stone carvings inside parliament.
Inside parliament.
The Rotunda inside parliament.
Inside the Library of Parliament.
Nice bookshelves!
View from the Peace Tower over the Library.
Wheat as a floral display.
Ceiling and balcony.
The main hall—totem poles.

Large totem pole

Another big one.
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