Grand Canyon 2006

Our friends Richard and Lily announced they were coming to America almost a year in advance but since there was a good chance of us leaving Denver, we urged them not to come here. We are still here but wanted to see them and the closest they were going to get was the Grand Canyon. Since we barely saw it last time, we decided to take a long weekend so we could see the Canyon with them. At 1095km/680 miles away from home, we had a full day’s drive down on Friday January 14th, spent the day together on Saturday and drove home on Sunday. We even brought a cooked turkey with us! The family had already been traveling for a few weeks by the time we met them and Lan thought they would enjoy some home-cooked meals for a change.

We were a little late getting there as Lan had a job interview in Moab, Utah. Well, the job wasn’t in Moab. The job was in New York but we correctly figured that we would have mobile telephone reception there but lose it soon after as we drove south. We arrived in Moab 10 minutes before noon when the call was to start and she spent 70 mintues on the phone.

Monument Valley

On the way there on US163. A lovely surprise. Learn more.

Monument Valley—on the way to the Grand Canyon.
Actually, the term "valley" is misleading.
Dark and forboding. Just outside Kayente, Arizona.
Up closer.
Mexican Hat!

Grand Canyon

You expect it to be spectacular and it is. Learn more.

Moonrise from highway 64 approaching the Canyon.
At the GC with Lilly, Richard, Elizabeth and Sarah.
Elizabeth and Sarah on Mather Point lookout.
Falling off is apparently bad for your health.
It is a very long way down. Note the people on the other lookout.
The bottom of the canyon in front of us is only halfway down.
On Bright Angel trail.

Attempting to walking all the way down to the river and back up in one day can also be very bad for your health.

From Maricopa Point.
Mohave Point?
The Orphan mine.
The Colorado River.
No fence!
Putting on a show—at Hopi Point.
Mohave Point
Pima Point. I think.
The view to the bottom from Hermits Rest.
Lan and Sarah by a Juniper pine.
The correct way to roll your tongue!

A tree apparently growing on rock.

Weird snow.
Desert View lookout.
The tower at Desert View.
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