Australia trip 2005


Sydney is fantastic! Both Lan and I have family there and of course, this is where I grew up.

Sydney panorama!
Trousers ahead!
City skyline from the Botanical Gardens.
Sydney Tower taken from Hyde Park.
A view of the Harbour Bridge notable for the lack of traffic
The Smartest car dealership in Sydney.
The view from mother’s new house.
Curious little bird on the fence.
A kookaburra sitting on the fence contemplating a bath.
Kookaburra about to splash down.
The driveway, apparently through the jungle, to our house.
Our house. We bought it in 1991 but have only lived in it together for 1 year and I lived in it for 8 months in 1998. It has been rented out for the remainder.
The garden.
One of the eucalyptus trees beside the driveway.
Lan beside said tree.
A lorikeet in a tree be beside our driveway.
Flock of sheep on cousin Kim's farm where we visited my great aunt Nicole.
The Hornsby Water Clock.
On the F3 freeway, approaching the bridge over the engagingly-named Kangy Angy Creek.
On the rise after crossing the Kangy Angy.
View from the train on the Harbour Bridge.
I just thought it was odd since there are no rails in sight.
The Harbour Bridge in the background towers over the Rocks historical district.
On top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Opera House in the background! Don't YOU really want to start planning a trip to Sydney?
Guess who?
Looking north along the new Sea Cliff Bridge between Sydney and Wollongong.
Looking south.
Artistic shot.
Us, again.
Fisherman on the rocks.
On the beach at tiny Coledale between Sydney and Wollongong.


Adelaide is lovely but underrated. Lan has more family there than in Sydney. I'll get a shot of downtown next time.

Street sculpture in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall.
The lighthouse at Port Adelaide.
The trailer for the Dolphin Cruise.
You get what you pay for.
The view down the waterway looking toward Gulf of St. Vincent.
Nice old building at Port Adelaide.
Street entertainer Rundle Mall.
Readying unicycle.
On the unicycle.
Old "pub" at the downtown end of Port Road, Adelaide.
You’re probably wondering why I took this picture.
Garage door up and the ceiling is not obstructed ...
Adelaide, a city of a million residents, doesn't have jetbridges at the airport to board the plane out of the weather!
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