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On returning to Sydney, there were several things I noticed:

  • everyone here speaks with an Australian accent—I'm sure they didn't when I left three years ago
  • it is difficult to drive from one side of town to the other—Sydney roads are not laid out on a neat grid (or a neat anything) and the population is roughly double. I've also decided I prefer 4-way "Stop" signs to round-abouts.
  • there are pedestrians unlike Denver where most people only move inside a car. I'm sure this is why we do not follow the American system where you can turn right (equivalent to left here) at a red traffic light since motorists checking for oncoming traffic would run over pedestrians crossing against the lights.
  • my hair is curlier—I'm not sure if it is the higher humidity or the water which has much lower dissolved mineral levels. Either way, I don't like it.
  • there are birds—apart from Canadian geese, there are very few birds in Denver, presumably because they can't survive through the winter.

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