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Odds and ends [Sweet and Sour]

Odds and ends

This section contains all the topics that didn't fit anywhere else. (6Oct08—I just purged a bunch of things from here that are no longer interesting. Note to self: update this.)

Really, really small pictures

A fascinating (if you are an engineer) look at pictures that have been engraved on to commercial integrated circuits amongst the "wires" and transistors. Most are only a fraction of a millimeter across. The pyramid at right showing the Great Seal of the United States is just one example. You can waste a lot of time here.

Silicon chip art

The "seeing-eye pyramid" printed in miniature on an integrated circuit.

The Economist style guide

Ever wondered whether to put the full-stop inside or outside the quotation marks if the quote ends the sentence? Maybe not but it is a great reference for everyday clear, consistant writing covering punctuation, grammar, capitalization etc. I was so excited to find it because I need help from time to time. Since Tthe Economist is British, it follows "the Queen's English" so it is proper. Go to The Economist and then select the Library icon at the top of the page and scroll down a bit.

Incidentally, The Economist is arguably the best news-weekly magazine anywhere. Larry Ellison, head of Oracle has said, "I used to think. Now I just read The Economist.".

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